Friday, March 05, 2004

Jennifer Howard -- whom I would like to be able to refer to on a regular basis as "my editor," if only because it sounds so uptown -- is hosting Bookslut this week, where she notes that the Library of America is scraping the bottom of the barrel. I thought the same thing when they started bundling the other Dos Passos books besides U.S.A., the other Kate Chopin besides The Awakening, and the other Paul Bowles besides The Sheltering Sky. I guess that's part of their cultural mission, though -- throw nothing away. Incidentally, though, I got that can-you-ever-have-too-many-copies-really version of de Tocqueville in the mail a couple weeks back, which suits someone who doesn't even own one copy. Ever since I've become an LOA subscriber, I'm reminded monthly of all the great literature I'll probably never read before I die. Will I get around to Tocqueville in the years I have left, or Francis Parkman? I almost certainly won't get around to the early plays of Eugene O'Neill.

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