Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Predictable response from the neo-left left: Michael Moore is a fascist, a liar, and downright immoral.

You know, the moderate-to-left way of thinking is always so much more interesting in this regard than what you have with conservatives. They're more contentious. Conservatives tend to believe in sticking together, in one voice speaking. They all rally behind Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Wall Street Journal and The Weekly Standard -- all of which basically speaking with the same loud, oafish bray, week to week. At the end of the day, they really believe that old Reagan philosophy. "Don't speak ill of another Republican." That's why that whole schtick at the Republican convention of a few years ago of their party as a "big tent" was such a crock of shit. It's not a big tent at all. It's a group of tight-assed ideologues.

Granted, there's a kind of "code of beliefs" among people on the left -- the things all card-carrying members are supposed to believe in, but they're much more fractious and open and public about their disagreements. The people who go to bat for Moore will probably be seen in this regard as naive and immature and crass, which is kind of how they think of him.

I'll know more after I see the movie on Friday -- at 7 p.m., Columbia Grande. I already have the ticket.

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