Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I think the thing to do with publications is send your article in way ahead of time and insist on being involved in the editing process – or just quit writing for them altogether. It's not as if there's money to be made doing it, for God's sake, and in the end there's a lot more to be said for writing rather than publishing. It's a sucker's game that takes a far, far greater investment of time than it ever pays.


Who in the world has faith in tomorrow's debates? Not me. There was a story in the paper today – probably planted by Mike McCurry -- that says Kerry traditionally comes through in the clutch. Personally, I think it's all over and America in its infinite wisdom will choose four more years of George W. Bush wandering all over the Middle East swinging his dick. Here is the man who was at the helm when America suffered its worst terrorist attack in history, who responded by blaming a country that was not involved and charging headlong into war with no end in sight, and who stokes up the threat of terrorism every time he opens his mouth – and he makes people feel secure!

You get to a point where you think, well, who cares? You hand over the keys to oil-rich, saber-rattling shitheel fascist thugs like Bush, Cheney and Ashcroft and maybe you deserve whatever happens.


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