Friday, September 24, 2004

Picked up the disc at lunch. Got a date with the headphones this afternoon.

One other word about the Dowd column; this quote:

It was wrong for the president to take on Saddam as a response to 9/11, to pretend the dictator was a threat to our national security, to drum up a fake case on weapons and a faux link to Al Qaeda, and to divert our energy, emotions and matériel from the real enemy to an old enemy whose address we knew.

That "real enemy" is part of the subject of James Fallows' typically superb cover story in this month's Atlantic, "Bush's Lost Year," which is only available on-line to subscribers. Fallows makes the point that Bush squandered American resources on a non-threatening country, leaving two enemies, Iran and North Korea, where the saber-rattling is very real and there's no question mark over the WMDs. What are we going to do if they get ticked off at us? Are we ready to face war on several fronts?

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