Sunday, October 03, 2004

You meet the nicest people on the Internet -- creeps, too, but also some real honeys. Just a few weeks ago I got involved in a Readerville discussion on the relative merits of Maria McKee, either with her band Lone Justice or in her solo career, particularly her 1996 disc Life Is Sweet, which I hadn't heard. NancyS announced she hated it and offered to send the disc gratis, and which I am now presently grooving to and, as expected, do not find abhorrent -- although that's all I can say at this stage.

A word, though, about, the title. When Fellini titled his film La Dolce Vita, he was clearly being ironic; when Mike Leigh titled his great English film Life is Sweet, he was being the opposite, or close to it. I've always wondered if Leigh, in his way, wasn't mildly rebuking Fellini -- frankly stating no, when you get right down to it, life is, or can be, sweet. The story is only slightly ambiguous on this point. No idea which side McKee will come down on.

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