Thursday, June 23, 2005

Finished Ishiguro's latest

and I'm seriously pondering taking on Dostoevsky's Demons, the only book of his I've ever liked.


Anonymous said...

sounds to me like you already took it on, no further pondering needed to glean that from your words, or are you just letting us know that you read it?

RW said...

Oh sure, once, a few years ago, but it's not really the kind of book you get to the bottom of the first time through, you know? It's a tremendously exciting novel of revolution that just builds and builds to the climax, and once it's over you know you've really seen something -- and you want to see it again, the way you do with any great book. You want to just soak it all in, that whole broad mad vast picture of 19th Century Russian society, nihilism and gunshots breaking out all over, from palatial homes to taverns to streets.