Thursday, December 01, 2005

At, Lee Siegel has an interview with Spike Lee, in which Siegel asks him the usual questions and Lee gives the usual answers.

Best moment:

Slate: Would you like to make another film like Bamboozled, something that really just takes an issue and explodes it?

Lee: Yeah, I'm going to make films like that again, but that's not the only thing. There are many different things I want to say, I want to do, so it's not just going to be one type of film. It'd be hard to get a film like Bamboozled made, though. That film barely got made.

To my mind, Bamboozled is the best of Lee's films, one of the few where his anger and his intelligence were in perfect synch. It's a valuable piece of work; the only one I know of that deals so provocatively with the way black people appear in films, and I think it really took some chances (particularly in its outright mockery of Ving Rhames.)

There's not another movie like it, and I'd love to see Lee make a film with that same kind of power.

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