Thursday, February 20, 2003

Spam of the Week

A Mr. Chris Zappone sends the following:

Hi Rodney,

I am a member of the Underground Literary Alliance, a nationwide network of literary activists who want to make fiction matter again. We're sort of infamous here in NY because we "crash" literary events and challeng published authors to get more relevant instead of indulging in all their postmodern non-sense that doesn't really reach readers. For examples of their work, just look at or We believe there are a lack of engaging, socially-relevant narratives about real world situations. We draw on zine writers and others marginalized by the nepotistic publishing world. Our latest action was at a New York reading a few weeks ago:
also written up on (in the center middle column).
Our website is

Please be sure and cover the literary revolution, because literature, like so many other aspects of our culture, is in upheaval. People are looking for something different. And the ULA is agitating for change.


Chris Zappone
NYC Bureau Chief

My reply:

I couldn't be less sympathetic with your cause if I tried.

I have no use whatsoever for relevance of any kind, particularly where literature is concerned.

Rodney Welch

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