Sunday, March 02, 2003

Started reading Typee. I have this goal over the next little while (no set date) to read all of Melville, as well as Hershel Parker's bio (Mom delivered Vol. I for Christmas; maybe I can squeeze Vol. II out of Father's Day) and Lorant-Robertson's sadly out-of-print one (which I had to return to the library unfinished; the first 150 pages are beautiful though) and Newton Arvin's little book (months overdue from S.C. State Library, which thankfully does not charge overdue fees. I've kept books out for over a year.)

I've only gotten to page 75 of Typee, but it's a thoroughly absorbing adventure.

I've bitched and re-bitched, written and re-written my little review of The Hours. I now have this strong hankering to re-read the Woolf novel and to read Michael Cunningham's novel on which the movie is based -- if only to further test out and explore any thoughts on the issues the movie raised. Seeing the Vanessa Redgrave film of the novel wouldn't hurt either.

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