Tuesday, October 21, 2003

I've got to start posting more. I've been too busy on a lot of work-related stuff, but that's no excuse, because I always find time to post here, there and everywhere else. And there's so much I haven't discussed or bitched about -- like how I had a virtual meltdown a month ago over my book club's refusal to understand the racial angle of Faulkner's "Barn burning" -- still pisses me off to think of it -- or how much I'm nuts over Neil Young or the latest and last Warren Zevon and how much I adore Kill Bill, Vol. I. I haven't even mentioned my new computer. I think I find myself becoming less and less interesting every day.

Now that all that's out of the way, I'm happy to report that at lunch I was able to finally fill out my Papa Jazz card, which entitled me to a freebie. I got the new CD versions of the two Television albums: Marquee Moon and Adventure. The first one is a moody punk masterpiece, one that -- along with the early records of Talking Heads, Patti Smith, Ramones, Blondie, etc. -- virtually defines the New York punk sound of the late 1970s. I've never heard the second disc, which is generally known for being good but not as good. Anyway, I picked them up at lunch and then went to Cool Beans to listen to them. Luckily they both come with informative little making-of books, which are always fun to read.

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