Thursday, October 30, 2003

Regarding a couple of last week's purchases: Marquee Moon and Adventure are everything a fan could ask for. Very nicely assembled, with additional tracks and second takes, each with a little history-of booklet.

The first of course is the best: a masterwork of midnight moodiness and yearning, from the classic title cut -- with the stark and seamless tag-team blend of Tom Verlaine's and Richard Lloyd's guitars -- to the introspective snarl of "Elevation" and the razor-sharp melodic pop of "Prove It."

As was true with the Pretenders, Television's first disc defined them, and proved impossible to surpass. Adventure is less adventurous. The band's trademark guitar lines and Verlaine's impasssioned but often weirdly ambiguous lyrics are given a poppier, somewhat brighter ambiance; an interesting and fairly absorbing disc, but not one that commands the attention the way the first disc did and does.

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