Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Cabin Fever Part III

I had hoped to start the car yesterday because I seriously needed to make a deposit at the bank, mop up the incoming debt. Well, I finally decided, no one else will be getting out in this weather, either; no one will be cashing checks. Every other business is closed, the bank probably isn't even open.

Wrong. Oh how wrong.

I re-read a cheerful note arrives from my best friend in college: "I am so jealous that you are a famous writer and I'm still trying to find a 9th grader who can write an effective paragraph. My classes are reading Romeo & Juliet, and I sat through 3 classes of low readers struggling through the balcony scene today. They just slaughtered it. I am not sure I will make it through to the end of the play. They all snicker every time someone reads the words "breast" or "bosom" (pronounced bossom.) So what else is new with you?"

Famous. Yeah right. And broke. And the car still will not start.

Well, Anthony Minghella's day is no better, with Cold Mountain all but ignored by the Academy of Arts and Sciences. I'd trade in my day for his in a second.

I need to get rich and famous. Maybe I could write a self-help book: Review Your Way to Prosperity.

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