Saturday, January 22, 2005

I don't want to go out, I wanna stay in. It's a chill Saturday and I'm not inclined to do much more than sit here and listen to Van Morrison and write. Eventually I'll have to read -- I have to finish a book I don't grasp, and I have to finish and then write a review of the worst novel of 2004, hopefully without sounding unduly harsh -- but a side trip to Circuit City last night has altered the flow of energy for the weekend. I picked up Paris, Texas for $6.99, took it home, watched it, and was at least as knocked out as I was 20 years ago. It holds up remarkably well, so I'd rather just sit here and write about that. Hopefully something worthwhile emerges later today on The Razor's Eye. Van Morrison's What's Wrong With This Picture? is a not-at-all bad soundtrack for the day.

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