Thursday, March 10, 2005

What is up with female teachers having sex with students? And -- as every man my age wonders -- why weren't they doing it when I was 16?

First, there was Mary Kay Letourneau.

Then, the immensely hot Debra Lafave.

Then, mere weeks later, the at-least-as-hot Pamela Turner.

And now, as of this evening's news, comes the story of Donna Carr Galloway, hotness factor undetermined. And best of all she's from South Carolina, so I won't have to look all over the web for updates. I'll have them shoved in my face everytime I open the paper.

No, I shouldn't traffick in gossip or use phrases like "hotness factor," but who at this stage can resist?

(P.S. And I just now learned about Carol Flannigan! Now that's really weird!)

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