Friday, March 18, 2005

Why isn't this Lotion record more famous than it is? Or its great predecessor, Full Isaac? Both are still just as hypnotic as ever, with or without Thomas Pynchon's seal of approval -- although admittedly that's what alerted my interest in the first place. Seems like it was right around the time Mason & Dixon came out. Anyway, they play this beautifully atmospheric and weirdly impassioned sort of rock, and the songs are the dramatic confessions of stalkers, drunkards and in one case a dog -- whose owner has suddenly spurned his doggy affections for her new infant. He yearns for the old days: "white fur hat, little red coat/Sleep in the big bed like a king/Sunlight through the window on my shiny brown head/And love behind my ears and on my back." Great song.

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