Monday, March 27, 2006

My America: Art from The Jewish Museum Collection, 1900-1955

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I forgot
to mention that yesterday I stopped by the Columbia Museum of Art for all of 20 minutes. I hope to hit it again this week. They have a fantastic exhibit going on. The most impressive piece there is a sculpture by Jacques Lipchitz of a guy stabbing a chicken. It's called The Sacrifice and unfortunately no really good images are available on line. Anyway, it looked like a great exhibit of art depicting the experience of Jewish immigrants, such as this one, Dancing Lesson by Raphael Soyer (who figures rather extensively in the show.) If I recall the comments on the wall correctly, this painting indicates the contrast between old world and new, with the family in America, taking in the culture, grandfather on the right looking skeptical, grandmother on the left putting down her Yiddish newspaper long enough to soak up this particular scene. I was at the museum way too short of a time to really absorb the whole show, but it looked like a terrific multi-visual essay of the 1930's Lower East Side world so well evoked by Henry Roth in Call It Sleep, which I'm reading by the way.

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