Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mailer Demons and The Actress Currently Known as "lonelygirl15."

Some weeks ago, when I was first getting into the lonelygirl16 thing, I found myself quite entranced by the theme music in one particular episode, so I did a lyrics search.

Turns out the song is "Office Suite, Part I" by The band is the Matthew Show. It has smart and funny lyrics and it deserves to be the theme song for working drones everywhere, whether they are chained to cubicles or front counters or reception desks -- the author's bio indicates he's done hard time in or around a good many of them.

hear it here. If you like, read the lyrics at the same time.

Oh, and about lonelygirl15 -- I blame my fascination on Virginia Heffernan, whose excellent NYT blog has been front and center on the continuing developments on this extraordinary non-issue. And I'm squarely on the side that says fraud, fraud, fraud.

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