Thursday, September 14, 2006

Speaking of Things I can Barely Remember...

Maud Newton mentions that Rupert Thomson's novel The Book of Revelation is now a film; a decidedly edgy one, too, as it would have to be. I reviewed the book when it came out, and barely recall much about it except that this story of a guy who is taken as a sex slave by a group of masked women was a total freak-out. I went looking for my review of it but it has apparently left the Internet. If I can find it on my old hard drive I'll post it. I think that book almost gave me nightmares. It's one of those books like In the Cut, in a way -- a wet dream that turns into this very disturbing nightmare. I also remember for some reason thinking the ending was weird and ambiguous and I was left wondering if the narrator hadn't made the whole thing up.

Anyway, definitely one to keep in mind for showing at the Nickelodeon.

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