Sunday, October 29, 2006

Today, the World; Tomorrow, a Trivial Pursuit Question

I've never understood the appeal of MySpace. Click on a typical MySpace site and the first thing you get is some blaring Godawful rock song, psychedelic wallpaper that makes the text impossible to read, and so many graphics and pictures and icons that just moving the page up or down takes an eternity.

I figured this was entirely my own hang-up, given the fact that everyone in the world had an unloadable MySpace page, to the point where Rupert Murdock shelled out $580 million for it last year.

According to today's Washington Post, MySpace seems to have peaked, although not because the world has found it user-unfriendly. Rather, teens -- the vast majority of consumers -- are just bored with it.

Such is the social life of teens on the Internet: Powerful but fickle. Within several months' time, a site can garner tens of millions of users who, just as quickly, might flock to the next place, making it hard for corporate America to make lasting investments in whatever's hot now.

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