Saturday, May 05, 2007

News to Me: Veronica Geng, Dead at 56

Dumb as I am, this could be the start of a regular column about things I should have known.

For example, until last night, while thumbing through the new Einstein biography, I never knew that the great physicist's brain was stolen by the guy who performed the autopsy.

A PBS commercial informed me this afternoon that a tiger's skin is striped, and not just his fur.

And just now, I have learned from Toni Bentley, world-famous anal sex enthusiast (that much I do know), that the brilliant humor writer Veronica Geng died ten years ago.

Not, by the way, that I personally knew her to be brilliant from reading her. I don't recall reading her, but I do recall everyone saying she's brilliant.

The belated-to-me revelation of her demise comes by way of Bentley's review of a memoir by Geng's dope addict brother Steve. Good review, even if the last line did make me roll my eyes.

Anyway, the news about Veronica Geng led me to this terrific 1999 New York mag profile by Jennifer Senior, an intelligent and gossipy read that may lead me here.


nnyhav said...

Thought you should know:
A Road Trip Across America with Einstein's Brain

RW said...

Looks good; J├╝rgen Neffe's biography starts with that story but the book you cite certainly looks interesting on its own. Not sure I'll finish the Einstein book just yet; I'm starting Savage Detectives next week, hopefully. Maybe we can discuss it.