Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Daily Fetish

I became rather transfixed by this image, after seeing it in this misleading assemblage of Oscar-related images, in which it apparently does not belong.

What the hell is that from, I wondered. Is that Marlon Brando? Klaus Kinski?

Turned out to be the latter, and with some help from the fine folks at Readerville, I discovered it apparently came from the 1975 Italian film L'important c'est d'aimer, (The Important Thing is to Love) which has never been nominated for an Oscar, isn't available on video in this country, and I'm not sure even got a domestic release here at all.

It is, however, something of a legend. I first heard about it last year, in Xan Cassavetes' fantastic documentary Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession, where it is generously referenced. I don't know anything about the film and don't want to until I see it.

Maybe this is something the good folks at Criterion should look into.

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