Saturday, January 26, 2008

Does This Make Obama the Front-runner?

Looks like the senator from Illinois didn't just win the S.C. primary but took a deep breath and sucked the entire state into his lungs.

Returns from 24 percent of the state's precincts showed Obama winning 53 percent in the three-way race, Clinton gaining 27 percent and Edwards at 19 percent.

Things may get even better for him as the evening goes along.

Can't say I'm not a little disappointed, as I was hoping Edwards would at least make a strong second place finish (which, who knows, may yet happen).

Still,'s Trailhead has this to say about that:

The threshold for an impressive win has jumped from 40 points to 50-plus points, even with three competitors in the race. Winning the plurality of voters is a puny accomplishment—after all, somebody had to do it. This mini-thesis gets blown up if Edwards drops out of the race, but that's looking less likely after he secured some delegates with tonight's respectable showing.

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