Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Why do I punish myself?

Just requested the ARC of Roberto Bolano's 2666, although I almost dread reading it.

I really was quite bored by The Savage Detectives -- but it's like a lot of books which everyone loved but I (or is that but me?). I feel everyone got the joke and I didn't -- and I want to get it. I'd rather have their experience than mine.

I can't imagine sitting through it again, though, which is only partly because the copy I have is falling completely apart. I found it tedious.

Still, the guy from Slate is so high on the late Bolano's crowning work of genius and so extravagant in his praise that I feel I have to give it a chance.

But, God knows, I literally have a stack of other books to get through first, and I ought to be writing about those instead.

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