Monday, February 02, 2009

AT&T: More Minutes, More Ass

This ad has captured my attention for some awful reason. Like a lot of inconsequential ads that you're not supposed to analyze, it suggests that the key to happiness is right there in your waiting hands -- all you have to do is pay your phone bill online. It will lift you heart, boost your spirits and improve your relationship with your loved one in ways you never thought possible. Why? Because it gives you "more time to play." See, instead of spending an entire three minutes writing a check, putting it in an envelope, stamping it, and putting it in the mailbox -- well, now you have five more minutes to play with your spouse. What kind of play? Foreplay? Is this ad aimed at people who screw 24 hours a day and look at every thing that doesn't involve getting their rocks off as a distraction to be avoided? Or is it aimed at the guy, a player who can't let stamps and envelopes get in the way of the booty? Dumb questions, but I had to ask.

1 comment:

Finn Harvor said...

"Pay your bill in no time"

It's obviously a Freudian referral to premature ejaculation....