Saturday, July 25, 2009

Maybe I'm just getting older

but articles on overrated films such as this latest from Tim Lott in The Guardian, have become such a fucking cliche. And they're so ignorant -- LOTS of people have trashed those films he takes such delight in debunking. It's nothing new, and it's totally boring to read. Old stuff. Tired. Useless. Who cares?


junkets said...

with you on this. in my humbleish opinion, this is a massive problem with the "blogosphere" and lazy writers.

Nellmezzo said...

Nah, I think you must be getting older. I enjoyed it.

Of course you're not getting older as fast as me but you do read more movie criticism and see more movies. If you lived in podunk like me, you'd be the same and find it delightful to remember going to movies when it seemed vital to identify the good ones ... yeah, back when these were around.

Or you remember watching The Searchers on t.v., like half a billion times, and it was tense but it never made a lick of sense either (bad combination), so you wandered away and felt you were inferior for not being able to concentrate.

See, I read this article and feel vindicated, after all these years. You gotta love it!