Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Wallace Shawn Just Has To Be a Prick

Time: What will you be reading this summer?

Shawn: Well, that's really not anybody's business, is it? It's very personal. It's too personal.

Time: Is there a book you find yourself rereading in summertime?

Shawn: Move on to the next question.

More on what writers are reading this summer.

What is it about "summer reading"? I don't read differently in the summer than I do any other time in the year. I read whatever I feel like reading at the time. This whole idea of sasonal reading eludes me.

Garry Kasparov, the chess champ, does make a good pick, though: Vladimir Sorokin's futurist nightmare The Day of the Oprichnik.

I got Sorokin's other books because of it. Essay forthcoming.


Elizabeth said...

Yes. But. Anything Wallace Shawn does or says is okay with me.

RW said...

I bet if Andre Gregory had asked him what he was reading he would have told him.

Elizabeth said...

If he could have gotten a word in edgewise, the way Gregory goes on and on...