Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Hilarious Drive-In Trash

The Babysitter (1969) is the kind of pulpy, nasty teen nonsense that made the perfect date movie for horny young couples who managed to borrow the car for a few hours. Pretty lousy, for the most part, but it has that very tonic mix of the sleazy and the awkward. The script is just atrociously funny, real Ed Wood-level stuff, almost certainly written by an over-the-hill square with a mostly pornographic take on all that free-loving hippie stuff. The kind of person who thought, "I wonder what young people do they do at those dances? I know! They take all their clothes! It's a pagan festival!" The acting is deliriously ludicrous; the crazy generation gap conversation that George (the lamentable George E. Carey) and Candy (the fetching yet empty-headed Patricia Wymer) share while eating a taco is just priceless. Pretty much begs for the MST3K treatment, although it's probably more fun to watch it with friends and just do it yourself.

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