Sunday, July 07, 2013

The Seer is Intense

I'm near the end of my second full listen of the Swans album and all I can say is that it is overwhelming: a mind-fraying omnibus of ambient sounds, voodoo chants and what sound like incantatory poems and proverbs, set to rhythmic jungle congos that go from deadly silent to a full-bore assault on the senses.
No idea what it's about or if plot is important. It's ambiguous and dramatic and melancholy and wild like the best work of God Speed You! Black Emperor. It really takes you all kinds of places and leaves you exhilarated and drained when it's all over, even if you weren't do anything more than playing Words with Friends while it was playing. Like I said before, definitely a whole experience, you have to absorb it from beginning to end to really feel its soaring power.

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