Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Clinton Hits Columbia

Saw the President this morning at Lizard's Thicket on Elmwood Avenue in Columbia, and snapped this picture. Not sure what kind of perverse sense of humor he had wearing bright Clemson orange in the land of Garnet and Black. "That's the first mistake he's made in a while," some reporter near me said.

Not much to report other than that I shook his hand. (Him: "Hey, man, how you doing?" Me: "Fine.") Met Judy Woodruff from PBS, a New York Daily News reporter named Helen Kennedy (who won't permit me to use her picture, but who was nice all the same, and kindly pointed out to me whatever media celebrities -- Dan Balz from the Washington Post, Mark Helprin from Time -- were in the room.)

Interestingly, First Baptist pastor Wendell Estep and choir director Steve Philips were also there, and Clinton apparently kind of knew them, so he stood and talked awhile as cameras snapped away. I'm fairly certain the reverend wouldn't dream of supporting Hillary.


greg c said...

TNR had a story on the Republican political machine in South Carolina a few months back. My favorite thing about it was the implication that Lizards Thicket was some kind of shadowy gathering place.

RW said...

Yeah -- little do they know it's not only your standard Southern meat-and-three, but it's a local chain. Yesterday MSNBC referred to Columbia's "famous Lizard's Thicket," as if it was one place, instead of ten.